About Us

Liberty Solutions was formed in the fall of 2007 as a “re-invented” company to provide solutions to those affected by the severe downturn in the residential housing market. Already established in the commercial and residential development and construction businesses, we felt that this skill set would be beneficial to both national and regional banks dealing with an inflated amount of bank owned properties due to foreclosures and non-performing loans.

From the beginning, our message to our clients has been that “We’re your one stop shop and can handle your distressed real estate needs from A to Z”. Court appointed receivership, property management, asset management, construction, land development, engineering, surveying and disposition are all services that we offer in house. This allows anyone with distressed real estate to have ONE point of contact for the entire duration of the project, regardless of the condition or nature of the asset.
We initially proposed this service to various local and regional banks with whom we had a relationship and have since grown it into a service that we provide on a national basis to banks, investors, private owners and anyone needing assistance with their asset. What started with the completion of one single family residence for a local bank has since grown to the completion of mid rise condominiums traversing the US from Naples, Florida to Blaine, Washington and multiple points in-between.

Services Provided “In House” or through our Affiliates

  • Court Appointed Receivership
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Single Family Construction
  • Multi-family Construction
  • Land Development
  • Realtor and Disposition Services
  • Land Surveying and Engineering
  • Asset Valuation